An open source language needs a community of dedicated language users and language developers in order to thrive. NetRexx has both of these and the language has staunch followers since its inception. Since open sourcing the language, development has been taken over by a group of volunteers that insures that the language stays up to date with current JVM developments. Mike Cowlishaw performs the role of language architect in the NetRexx Language Architecture Board (ARB) where designs for changes and additions to the language are discussed.

Source Code Repository NetRexx SourceForge Project The source code repository is located at the SourceForge open source project repository. Here the sourcecode of the language translator and several tools can be browsed online. or downloaded using a git client. Eclipse-git will work, as do several GUI-type clients like Tortoise-git. Be sure to register a userid with the SourceForce project site if you want to compile your own version of the translator, want to help out or just want to see how it works. NetRexx is written in NetRexx!
The NetRexx Mailing list Send an email to the mailing list to subscribe. Help
The NetRexx Mailing list archive All email from the NetRexx Mailing list is archived at this location. The list can also be followed using the web interface at this location.